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Question: What happens if one puts two completely different guys into a cellar, and throw an acoustic guitar and a pair of shakereggs into the mix?

A) They come to close quarters, start bitching, throw the shakereggs at each other and one crushes the guitar upon the head of the other.
B) They discover a mutual, common understanding of music and lay the foundation stone of a new band.


Though there might've been some cases, where the first thing happened, the latter was the case when Mr. Toe and Chris-X met.
What started with an experimantal jam-session, developed into a creative process which quickly brought forth a well-organized songwriter-duo. The very different musical influences of them blended into a common base, upon which a lot of songs were created within quite a short time.

Shortly after that, the first rehearsals began and the band went on a quest to find opportunities for a live performance. Soon, the first gig was set in stone:
The spring-festival of the Fichte-Gymnasium (a gymnasium can be roughly compared to a high school).
Mr. Toe was looking for a guest-bass player and he found one: Bass genius Cookie joined the rehearsals and the three of them had a great stage debut. Meanwhile, Cookie had found so much enjoyment in playing and hehearsing with the guys, that he decided to leave his former band and is now a permanent and essential member of the band.
Two more performances followed, this time in front of a bigger audience. In addition, the first recording for the band's first, completely self-financed Demo-CD began.

In the beginning of 2007, drum-god Anoobiz found his way into the band, and proved to be an incredibly valuable aquisition. Right at the very first gig with the new linup, the band was able to completely satisfy the audience with a great, convincing performance, which is even more impressive when considering that this happened at a heavy metal-event. A hall full of metalheads, who expected almost everything but a pop-rock band, applauded loudly and congratulated them afterwards, expressing their appreciation of the quality and variety of the songs.
At this moment the band already had a repertoire of roughly 25 own songs.

In march 2007, the demo-CD finally left the pressing plant, which opened up a new chapter in the band's history.

Nowadays, regular gigs have becomce quite common and an end of the way up is not in sight.

To be continued…


  • 2005 - Foundation
  • April 2006 - Cookie agrees to play the bass on the bands very first performance
  • May 2006 - First performance
  • June 2006 - Cookie becomes a permanent member of the band
  • End of 2006 - The recordings for the first CD, financed by the band itself, begins
  • January 2007 - Anoobiz joins the band and completes the lineup
  • March 2007 - The CD "Life" leaves the pressing plant with a total number of 1000 copies
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